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Educating users in computingThere is no point in having the most modern computer with the latest software loaded on the machine if you can not understand how to use it. Making effective use of the computer can save time and give great user satisfaction.

User education covers all aspects where a topic is not understood. Consultancy covers a multitude of tasks ranging from looking at the processes employed in a business, consideration of software to improve a business, training in the use of a particular software facility, preparing user guides covering the way a specific business wants to use an application or just general one to one training on how to use a computer or software.

Whilst initially appearing as lost time, the benefits to a Small Business or Home User can be substantial once the initial training has finished. Good training and consultancy should include ongoing support to ensure the full benefit has been achieved and that any areas were there is confusion are cleared up without delay.

All training with FITEC Consultants is intended to be interesting and memorable - the best way to retain and understand the topics covered. We are not afraid to be different and will employ any solution as a training aid if it achieves success for the user.

FITEC Consultants can help you address all your IT Training and Business Consultancy Needs. Our training is tailored to the end user - whether you are a Home User or a Small Business User.


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FITEC Consultants provides Consultancy and User training for Small Businesses and Home Users. Our aim is to develop user skills to the point that they are confident to use their systems to provide the information they require.

Leaping Deer bullet point FITEC Consultants have a wealth of experience in business and the computing industry. All support is based on actual requirements rather than a standard package. This ensures best use is made of your time whilst increasing the ability to solve problems without the need for further consultancy.

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• Consultancy to identify problem areas in business processes or software
• Business Consultancy to improve efficiency
• User Training for new applications
• User Guides specific to your needs
• On-going help desk support for ad-hoc problems

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User Training


• FITEC Consultants have a wide experience of software
• Knowing how to set up a program can transform the way it works for a user
• Controls are often hidden to the casual user - its knowing where to look
• With a “User Friendly” system set up - understanding becomes faster
• Based on local training, User Guides can be created to cover areas of difficulty.

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• Creating User Guides which are actually looked at is a specialty of FITEC Consultants
• Designed to answer the "obvious" questions not covered by standard guides
• Tailored to an environment - means does not have to cover every option
• Explains the background of an action as well as the "How To Do"
• Organised round the way you work rather than the conventional topic sections

    ..........  conventional guides often start with basics before eventually reaching the useful information.
    ...............  chapters cover a function without showing how they are linked to functions elsewhere.

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User Support


• Ongoing telephone support to FITEC Consultants customers.
• Can answer many questions in seconds

                         - avoids time wasted in researching a question.
• Advice often based on having seen the problem before and found a solution.



User training gives the confidence to make best use of the investment in computing and any business processes. The computer training from FITEC Consultants is designed to give them the confidence to become self supporting and able to answer the once off questions that come their way. This is helped by the backup that is available from FITEC Consultants. This support is a free benefit from FITEC Consultants, consequently our aim is to ensure the right training is given at outset to ensure the user does not need to make regular contact for support.

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