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Specialist Software for Businesses

Whilst most business needs are catered for by standard applications, there are occasions where a requirement is not satisfied by the products available. These tend to be specialist niche markets. At this point a decision needs to be made; whether there is the cost justification to develop software to meet the business requirement or whether it is better carrying on using the current system.

For a system developed against the right background, the savings can be substantial. For the first user of the Bakers and Catering System (see the overview for further details), the return on investment resulted in the main development costs being covered by increased profits in the first full year of trading using the new system. Once the system cost has been covered, the savings can go straight into profits for subsequent years.

FITEC Consultants offer a unique service of Business Consultancy to understand the scope of the project, System Specification (describes the scope of the solution with mockups of key screens, input documents and reports to be produced), Database Design, Programming Design and Documentation, System Testing, User Education and ongoing User Support when the system has been introduced.


The need for development is a decision that should not be rushed into. All the options to provide a solution should be evaluated before committing to the first stage of a bespoke software project.  A partnership with other similar businesses in the locality may give further ideas and help share the cost.

FITEC Consultants provides a unique collection of services to help develop a cost effective solution. We have a track record of designs which are ahead of the time when introduced but go on producing results many years. Our solutions are designed to cover all your needs from the outset and built to last - they are not intended to be upgraded with an extra function at regular intervals.

Leaping Deer bullet point   Initial Evaluation

FITEC Consultants will always look for suitable commercial applications to meet your requirements. These can often be changed using settings and macros to achieve the desired results. However at times no suitable software is available which matches your specific needs.


Under these circumstances, the options are:-
          • Developing an application to meet the gap in business software.
          • Continuing with the existing system.
          • Using Business Consultancy to look for improvements in the current procedures.



Leaping Deer bullet point    Need for Development

Where a gap in business software is identified

...... and there is potential for further sales for the software,

..........FITEC Consultants will consider a reduced cost to the initial customer.


This can result in a system which goes well beyond the original users initial needs but at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke system. A typical example of a joint development is the Baking and Food Processing System



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For Bespoke Applications, FITEC Consultants provides:-


• Initial Consultancy to understand the problem and look for alternatives.
• An indication of cost and potential return on the investment.
• Detailed System Concept Specification outlining what the system will do.
• Formal System Design with sufficient detail to enable the work to be coded.
• Database Design - Microsoft Access a specialty.
• Review of System Design with the user to ensure meets requirements.
• Coding of the application and testing.
• User support in making best use of the new application.
• Evaluation to ensure software is giving the anticipated return on investment.
• Ongoing User Support once the new application is in use.

The target is improving the business environment whilst generating savings for the user. Only by following the formal evaluation will projects that can improve profits be identified. The process helps avoid those which give no investment benefit to a company..

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