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Purchasing Advice

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Finding the right product to purchase which meets your needs can often be a daunting task. Whist you may know what you want, translating this into the terminology used by manufacturers is often made more complex by the use of differing specifications. A typical example is one manufacturer will show a printer sheet capacity of 250 sheets using 90 gsm paper whilst another quotes it as 300 sheets with 70gsm paper; which one holds the larger amount of paper at your preferred weight of 80gsm? For the more technical specifications, comparisons are no easier.

To make an informed purchase choice, knowledge of reliability of products from a manufacturer, good reviews, what has worked well previously and what is selling well to IT specialists - a group of people who do not put up with poor performing products. The market awareness allows searches to be made for the best prices for suitable products - rather than being sold what is available in your local superstore.

Retail packaging (printed boxes, fitting instructions, screws to fit the item, cables, etc.) can more than double the cost of purchasing the same item. Indeed for software and cables the mark up can be even greater - 15x for the privilege of a retail pack is not uncommon. An added advantage of buying items without Retail Packaging (known as OEM products) is that the high volume sold to IT specialists ensures that the product has just been manufactured. OEM products have exactly the same guarantee as a Retail Packaged item.

The only factor to consider when buying an OEM product is understanding what else is needed to the fit the item - mainly parts that IT specialists buy in bulk and thus always have available. This is where FITEC Consultants can help with our fitting service for parts obtained via our purchasing service.

When buying a new computer, understanding the difference between machines is even more difficult. We can highlight aspects normally missed - such as which machines are noisy, which includes a copy of the operating system / recovery CD, is it fit for your intended use, does it include a monitor, what type of CD / DVD recorder is fitted, etc. Where options are available, we can advise if it is more cost effective to purchase the base machine and upgrade with OEM product or that the manufacturer is offering a great deal. We also have access to some special deals from manufacturers which are not seen in standard advertising.

FITEC Consultants Purchasing Advice and Fitting Services will save you money whist obtaining the highest quality products to meet your needs. Our services are based on either a fixed price fee or a percentage of the order value - either method will result in massive savings over purchases made through well known retail outlets.

Our aim is satisfied customers who return to FITEC Consultants for advice when making new purchases, have a system that meets your needs, who have saved more money on purchases than the cost of our advice and will recommend FITEC Consultants to others. We provide one contact point for all computing needs including ongoing support.

Purchasing - The Problem


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Buying a new computer or upgrading a machine can be a daunting task


............. Especially if you are not sure what you may require.

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Often persuaded into buying an item by pushy salespeople?


........... Are they more interested in a sales bonus than your actual requirements?

.............. Do you end up regretting the purchase as it does not meet your needs?


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This is where we can help. We will:-


• Advise you based on listening to your computing needs.
• Best products to meet your requirements.
• Products with the features you need.
• Sources for products to save you money.
• Components or Complete Computer Systems
• Special offers not seen by the casual buyer.
• Providing a service with the flexibility to meets your actual needs

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Fitting / Set Up Service for Components Purchased through FITEC Consultants


• For items with minimal work - fitted free
• Multiple products fitted at the same time  - fitted at reduced cost.
• Items ordered with a new computer - most of cost covered in set up.
• Fixed prices given as part of purchase quote for components.
• Work includes installation, sundry hardware, configuration and testing.


Customer Satisfaction

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Our aim is satisfied customers:-


• Who return for advice when making new purchases
• Who have saved more on purchases than the cost of our advice
• Will have a system that meets your needs

• With one contact point for all computing needs including ongoing support
• Will recommend FITEC Consultants to others


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