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Making A Computer Work To Your Benefit

FITEC Consultants Ltd specialise in providing IT support to small businesses and home users. Based on IT experience gained for many years with large well known companies, we are able to bring the knowledge and benefits gained to smaller companies and users. As our customers have found out , its like having your own personal in-house IT department.




A computer should be helping you but often it seems more like a battle of wills. Are you spending time trying to find out how to do a task or researching the best hardware / software to use. This is where FITEC Consultants can help - we have the experience to advise how to make your computer work as you want, show you how to improve the existing machine, give advice on new purchases and even design new software if necessary.

If  a machine becomes infected with a virus or a hardware problem causes important data to be lost - DON'T PANIC - the earlier you talk to FITEC Consultants, the better the chance of a complete recovery. Part of the recovery process includes advice on setting up the computer to avoid further problems and backup solutions.

We specialise in helping the home user and small businesses. Much of our work is gained by recommendation from existing customers - a good indication that we offer good value and advice which meets a users expectations.

Based in Cheam, Sutton, Surrey we can provide support to users in South West London and Surrey either from our base in Cheam or at your own site.


Is your computer working for you or is it a constant battle to get it working to your advantage? FITEC Consultants can help with machine set up, repairs, virus removal, data loss from hardware problems, education and consultancy.


















Impartial advice on all matters relating to computing and business services

Hardware and Cost Effective Purchasing advice
Accelerating your computer
Computer Set Up
Virus Removal / Data Recovery
User Education and Training
Consultancy For Small Businesses
Application Software which helps you

Bakers and Catering System

PestFriend - The Pest Controllers Friend
Computer Repair

Home or Business User?

Look no further for a company that will understand your needs
and will explain in a language that you can understand.

About Our Services

All FITEC Consultants work is based on offering good value for money. With access to special deals, extensive knowledge of computing, great experience in user education and a long established reputation in consultancy for commercial businesses, contacting us will save you money and effort. For all our work we operate on a fee basis which means we are not looking for commission or other incentives when giving purchasing advice. Normally this advice will save you more money than our fees whilst also giving the benefit of ongoing support once the purchase has been made.

The indications that our services offer good value for money is the regular repeat work from customers - both Home and Small Business Users. As an established customer of FITEC Consultants, we are available for free ad hoc advice; only when the volume of advice to a customer or the size / scope of the advice on a single topic becomes greater than covered in a phone call will consideration be given to charging for advice.

The concept is of providing the facilities enjoyed by large companies to Home Users and Small Businesses - an IT Department which is always available to answer questions with only significant work being subject to a charge.

Our base in Cheam, Surrey is close to the A3, M25, A24, A240 and A217. It is within easy reach from areas in South West London including Croydon, Sutton, Kingston, Richmond and Wimbledon. The benefits of the location simplify site visits when required.


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