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Home and Small Business Users - Same Problems in Different Places

Home or Business User?


Both Home Users and Small Business Users believe they have circumstances that make them unique, in reality there is very little difference between the problems and needs of the two groups. There are differences but these are in the detail rather than the functions and environment they need to operate within. Thus both would make use of a small accounting package but with set up differences (such as a Small Business may have to deal with VAT whilst a Home User may require separate accounts within the package for each member of the family).

When looked at in terms of Headline functions required for both types of users, the similarity becomes more obvious. It is in the detail of the way programs, computers, peripherals and the internet connection is set up that each type of user changes the basic system to meet their particular needs.

The main requirements of both groups is good value for money and access to computing support that can be relied on. FITEC Consultants specialises in providing services which meet these needs for both types of users.


Are You Really Different?


Small Businesses and Home Users often believe their problems and needs are unique. In fact their problems and computing requirements are very similar - it is only when the details of setting up the system do the differences come to the fore. These differences are all controlled by settings within the respective applications - not by purchasing different products.

Leaping Deer bullet point

Home User or Small Business?


• Often have similar problems
• Use similar application software
   .... Word Processing,
   ...... Spread Sheet,
   ........ Drawing Package,
   .......... Clipart,
   ............ Accounts,
   .............. email,
   ................ Internet
• Have simple Internet connections
   .... via a Workgroup allows local computers to share link
   ...... direct to the Internet modem
• Will have overlooked the need to backup regularly
• Have rarely run any housekeeping on the computer
• We specialise in this type of customer
• Both need help using language they understand
• Need cost effective solutions



The Similarities between both types of user are in fact very striking.  Neither user will want to be using the very latest software as they have not got the knowledge or time to sort out the problems. The fact that the latest software has functions well beyond their needs also comes into consideration - why pay a premium for the latest version when an earlier version meets all your needs at a fraction of the price?

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Both types of user have:-


• No access to corporate deals / pricing
• No specialist IT experience
• Often once off purchases
• Need solutions that work from day 1
• Need applications which work without regular problems
• Can not afford high training costs
............ solutions must be simple to use


• Above all - can not afford the cost of an IT mistake


FITEC Consultants specialise in

providing Cost Effective advice

to cost conscious customers.


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