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Contact Details

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Contacting us :

  •      Phone or Fax:  020 8643 2618

  •      Email to

  •      Write to the address shown below


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Company Address :



FITEC Consultants.
18, Anne Boleyn's Walk,
Surrey, SM3 8DF,


Talk To Us

We welcome comment about our services and our web site.

If you require further information or the opportunity to talk about what FITEC Consultants can do to help you, please just phone or email. We are friendly people who fully understand the home user and small business problems - we have seen most problems and have a solution. For us the most important factor is getting a computer or business environment working to your advantage - even if it is not using the latest gizmo!

Until any work has been clearly identified and agreement reached that the service will be provided by FITEC Consultants, there is no charge for discussing your problems with us.

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