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Benefits of Business Consultancy, IT Consultancy and System Audits


Consultancy Service

Happy business and IT Consultant ready to helpThe Consultancy Service is designed to give an independent view of your business with a view to improving its ability to generate profits with a reduction in effort required. Often an outsider can spot obvious opportunities that are missed by people concerned with the day to day running of the business. A second effect of consultancy is that managers stop and look at their business because a consultant is present - it is often the case that the business knows the solutions but has never stopped to consider the options.

Our consultancy service is intended to help you prepare the business move forward by ensuring the right staff are doing the job which makes best use of their abilities. Typical of the problems that we highlight is a manager who is constantly off-site making deliveries but failing to ensure the high profit processes on-site are running problem free.

If you are a business is growing, when did you last look at how it is organised? Is it time for doing things differently? Are the right people doing the right jobs or would it be better to re-allocate tasks?

FITEC Consultants has had many years of experience in supporting users with a cost effective service. With a specialisation in Small Businesses, we have seen many of the typical problems before and thus can spot the opportunities rapid ally. We aim to ensure that our charges are more than covered by improvements in the operation of your business.


Leaping Deer bullet point Consultancy

• Consultancy to identify problem areas in business processes or software
• Business Consultancy to improve efficiency
• User Training for new applications or procedures
• Provides an independent objective view of your business
• On-going help desk support for ad-hoc problems

Leaping Deer bullet point FITEC Consultants Ltd have a wealth of experience in supporting business and the computing industry. All our work is based on looking at the actual business needs rather than trying to create a standard business model.



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Our aim is a cost effective service which will give savings within the year. If we can not see an opportunity for improvement, we will advise you at an early stage of the project.

Leaping Deer bullet point Consultancy Service compliments our User Education facilities


Leaping Deer bullet point Audit

• Business Audit to verify that you are making best use of available resources
• Computer Audit to verify state of your computer systems
• Complements Consultancy Service

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Business Audit looks at the use made of all resources within a business.
   Identifies areas where improvements can be made to improve service and profits using available facilities


• Identifies Key Business Processes
• Creates a record of when Processes need to be completed
• Record of who does what
• Analysis of staff usage, loading and availability



Leaping Deer bullet point Computer Audit looks at the state of any computer with reference to housekeeping and installed software

• Checks Virus, Firewall Protection and User Security Settings
• Ensures computer is up-to-date with Windows Security Patches
• Analysis of hardware to ensure working efficiently
• Verify the backup procedures for company data and copies of application programs
• Review of old and temporary files which are no longer required
• Check whether data organisation is slowing down the computer
• Ensure staff understand the computer facilities available
• Report on areas which could be improved to the benefit of the business



Consultancy can help the business develop successfully. No company is too small to benefit from outside help at the right time. Often the service identifies savings or improvements that can be made with virtually no effort but have a great effect on profits.

Audit provides details of areas which need to be reviewed by the business. It enables the business to gain a list of topics that need to be addressed and can be fixed by their own staff or by external staff on a fixed price basis.

Our target in any work is to be able to generate more profits in one year than the costs of our service for any Small Businesses.

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