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Setting Up A Computer To Avoid Future Data Loss Problems

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New computer with accesories including speakers, mouse, monitor software, manuals, extra memory, printers, extra DVD drive and fittings.A new computer needs to be set up correctly to ensure that you do not get problems and loss of data in the future. Whilst you can just switch on a new machine and trust that you will be protected from threats from the internet and your data can be safely recovered if there is a problem, reality is that this is a long way from the real situation.

Manufacturers set up a machine for ease of initial support; if subsequently there is a problem, the their normal solution is to recover the machine to the as delivered software. This removes your precious data and images.

Modern machines come with a series of software packages on a trial basis (often just 90 days). Are these the best software packages for your machine or just a commercial arrangement between the manufacturer and the software supplier?



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New machines still require to be set up before they can be used.

........ Firewalls, Anti-virus, Internet, Latest Updates, Registering Machine, etc.

There are a mass of settings on a new machine that need to be set up or updated. Some are hidden whilst others could leave your machine open to attack if not set correctly or in the right order. FITEC Consultants uses a check list of tasks to ensure the jobs are done in the right order and nothing is missed.  It is a system based on past experience that ensures a new machine is delivered ready to work for you.

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Manufactures keep it simple for them
........ but this can expose you to extra future costs and problems.

• A Single Drive Letter mixes your data with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• Their Recovery process from a problem wipes out your data
• Any backup is larger than necessary as it includes XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 programs
• A single large disk is unlikely to be backed up exposing you to data loss risks.
• Machine slows as data and programs intertwine
• All software including demos and trials loaded - even programs you will never use
• Hidden settings and security risks overlooked / ignored in the simple approach.
• Is the virus and firewall protection good or just the one currently on promotion?


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A Machine Set Up to prevent future problems can save time and effort in the long term.

The work involved includes:-
• Firewall and Antivirus solutions that are set to prevent problems
• Ensuring all Users have good security settings
• Hidden settings set to meet your requirements
• Data and programs are stored in separate areas
• A copy of the original set up is stored safely
............ allows machine recovery if there is a problem
• free “Open Source” software utilities loaded
............ helps the computer work for you

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