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Computer Services to Improve Your Computing Experience


This Page has been set up to provide an index to services which are applicable to all Computer Users.

Index Details

  Hardware and Cost Effective Purchasing advice
    Advice on upgrading computer hardware, purchasing new computer and making savings on superstore prices
  Accelerating your computer
    Improving the speed of your existing computer with housekeeping and hardware upgrades
  New or Existing Machine Set Up
    Set up new or existing computers to protect them from future data loss or virus attack
  Virus Removal / Data Recovery
    Recover a computer from hardware failures or a virus attack without losing your data
  User Education and Training
    Making best use of the software and computers purchased already through user training
  Application Software which helps you
    When there is no software to meet your needs, we can design systems, databases or macros to meet your needs
  Computer Repairs
    Details of our service to repair software problems and computers whilst ensuring your data is not lost.



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