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Facilities, Database and Return On Investment From The Bakery Software Package

              Bakery Food Processing System


The Bakers Recipe and Invoicing System (BRIS) is based on collaboration with a local baker where consultancy had identified opportunities for substantial savings. Core facilities of the system replaced a series of ad hoc activities run via spreadsheets and word processing. The design target was increasing the speed of processing, accuracy and indexing saved data.

The design is based on standard manufacturing industry practice but flexed to take account of the small business environment. It was designed from outset to be developed to meet various customer needs and to be able to grow with any business without the need for change. User specific data is held in areas which can be changed as required to meet the business needs. The system uses a Microsoft Access Database to store the data which gives a very secure storage method for a users data whilst giving great flexibility for future developments of the system.

Early work showed that savings and benefits were greater than anticipated by the baker leading to an on-going development programme. From the outset it was clear that the system would be applicable to any catering and food preparation work and was not limited to bakery work.

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• Ingredients, Costs, Suppliers, Supplied Unit Size, Conversion to Units of Use
• Recipes, Method Details, Cooking Details, Recipe Costs
• Recipes can include products made from another Recipe - typically a bulk mix
• Uncooked Portion Weight, Yield Weight, Portions per mix, Portion Dimensions and Shape
• Factoring of recipes to make specific sized end product
• Margin calculations for Wholesale, Retail, etc. Can be factored for specific customers.
• Weekly Delivery Statements created for customers with regular requirements
• Invoices can contain value totals from Weekly Delivery Statements.
• Wholesale Bakery Order generates a Delivery Note and Invoice on completion.
• Option to print Delivery Contents Labels for Wholesale Orders.
• Invoicing based on Product Costs plus appropriate margin.
• Invoices can contain totals from Weekly Delivery Statements.
• Order Accumulations for Holiday Periods or multiple shop demands
• Historical record of products produced for orders / sales by customer
• Price Lists - General and for a Specific Customer
• Food labeling with Ingredients and Sell By Dates
• Shop and Till Takings Analysis

Leaping Deer bullet point RETURN ON INVESTMENT
System is designed to pay for the software costs rapidly by:-
• Reducing ingredient wastage
• Master record of ingredient costs
• Enter information just once - use it many times in many different ways
• Accurate calculation of selling price
• Simple and quick invoicing ensuring all items are charged for
• Consistent pricing ensuring margins are added to production costs
• Labeling of product so that it is clearly identified complete with company details
• Historical records enabling trends to be detected
• High quality of documentation and labeling to customers aids generating new sales

Put simply - doing nothing will cost you profits in just one year

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• The Overall Design
    ••••••••••• Main Features
    ••••••••••• Design Features
    ••••••••••• System Features

Master Details Of How To Make A Food Product
    ••••••••••• Products
    ••••••••••• Ingredients
    ••••••••••• Recipes

• Invoicing And Costing
    ••••••••••• Invoicing
    ••••••••••• Costings
    ••••••••••• Margins and Sales Types

• Production Aids And Historical Data
    ••••••••••• Tailored Recipe For Any Size Of Finished Product
    ••••••••••• Customer Orders Accumulation For Holiday Periods
    ••••••••••• Food Labeling Including Sell By Dates

    ••••••••••• Historical Information Stored By The System
    ••••••••••• Reports
• Summary of Main Features

    ••••••••••• Design Features Summary
    ••••••••••• What Is Included In Package
    ••••••••••• How Much Will It Cost?

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For an illustrated overview, please press the "DETAILS" button below. This will download an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) document providing details of the main menus and examples of features that can be obtained.

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