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Main Features of the Bakery Software Package

                      Bakery Food Processing System         

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• Background to System
    ••••••••••• Origins and Background
    ••••••••••• Areas Covered
    ••••••••••• Return on Investment

• The Overall Design
    ••••••••••• Main Features
    ••••••••••• Design Features
    ••••••••••• System Features

Master Details Of How To Make A Food Product
    ••••••••••• Products
    ••••••••••• Ingredients
    ••••••••••• Recipes

• Invoicing And Costing
    ••••••••••• Invoicing
    ••••••••••• Costings
    ••••••••••• Margins and Sales Types

• Production Aids And Historical Data
    ••••••••••• Tailored Recipe For Any Size Of Finished Product
    ••••••••••• Customer Orders Accumulation For Holiday Periods
    ••••••••••• Food Labeling Including Sell By Dates

    ••••••••••• Historical Information Stored By The System
    ••••••••••• Reports
• Summary of Main Features

    ••••••••••• Design Features Summary
    ••••••••••• What Is Included In Package
    ••••••••••• How Much Will It Cost?

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