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Bakery Software Package - Facilities, Benefits and Cost Savings

                      Bakery Food Processing System


< /> ----- Awareness of Yield from a Recipe
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• Designed to be simple to use.
• Developed to meet the real needs of a user
• Intended to include features for future needs


• All features added to improve profitability of the business by:-

----- Reducing Wastage
----- Accurate Product Costs
----- Ensuring Indirect Costs covered via Margins
----- Awareness of Yield from a Recipe


• Includes advanced order control and Invoice features

----- Record regular orders and produce product labels for each order
----- One Off orders added to system - never forget an order
----- Automatically create Delivery Notes and Invoices for One Off Orders
----- Product Order Summary showing all items required for week

----- Unique Christmas Order facillity to save time and costs


• Many new features still being added from user input

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Talk to us to understand why we are so confident that doing nothing
......................... will cost you money.



The system includes all the functionality developed to date together with comprehensive User Guides. It also includes the initial set up of user details and your company logo (if required). The current state of the package is it covers all commonly used functions associated with a Bakery / Food Preparation business and has been shown to add substantial value to the business in a very short time. We are continuing to develop the system to cover functions outside of the Bakery / Food Preparation environment; areas of future development include more facilities to help the running of an associated shop and inter-shop trading / ordering facility.

Customers who purchase the system at this stage of the development will benefit from any new features added subsequently totally Free of Charge. It is intended that the system will continue to be developed to meet user ideas - as such we are interested in hearing about areas that would benefit from further development. By listening to the needs of our initial customer and then considering how a feature would be used in a wider community, a system has been developed which is flexible and can grow with the business.

The system is database driven (Microsoft Access) and as such contains a single file with all your data and code. The database has been designed to include provision for possible new features without change to the base data. This means extra facilities can be added with ease without disturbing parts of the system which are in use and understood by the user. The design is very efficient in the use of storage and the associated processes; thus it will run on typical business computers without the need for any additional hardware.



The system is priced to enable the purchase to leave a small profit in the first year - ie if you did not purchase the system, it would hurt the business profits. For the second year, the only cost is a small Support Charge but experience indicates that the savings generated by the system will increase over those made in the first year.

We are so confident that the system will save you money that we are prepared to offer a money back guarantee at the end of the first year if you have not increased your profits by using the system. We do not expect any takers on this guarantee as the benefits from the system are so great!

The software can also be purchased through a monthly rental agreement which includes user support. This facility is an advantage to both the Bakery and FITEC Consultants - we gain many of the ideas for enhancements by understanding where a user sees room for an extra feature whilst the Bakery can walk away from the software if it is not generating the savings indicated.

For pricing packages, please contact FITEC Consultants. We aim to generate partnerships with our customers and thus are prepared to consider arrangements to cover the cost of the package whilst ensuring that the business continues trading profitability.

Want to learn more? Please contact us via the email link:-

Baker System more information.


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