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Sized Recipes, Order Totals, Food Labels and Reports in the Bakers Software Package

                      Bakery Food Processing System



The system contains a number of useful features which are an aid to the production process. Some of the main facilities are detailed below.

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Tailored Recipe for Any Finished Product Size

  • When Standard Recipe is created, finished size and shape information is added
• For a new order, the size and shape required is entered
• Gives a costed recipe which will make a Product of the required size
• Gives an accurate quote for any size in seconds
• Eliminates wastage through approximation
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Customer Orders Accumulation

  • Designed for Holiday Periods such as Christmas
• Items required for Order Form set via a selection of Products to include
• Creates a preprinted Customer Order form of standard Products
• Customer indicates quantities, date required and special requests
• Loading into the system creates unique order number and calculates cost
• System produces:-
............. an accumulated list of requirements for a day (high volume items)
............. a list of total requirements over period (low volume items)
............. accumulated value of orders over the period
Christmas Order Form - items shown are selected into three defined groups by user   Bread Order Form - items shown are selected into defined groups by user
Examples of Christmas and Bread Order Forms - Both can be tailored by the User
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Food Labeling


• Driven from Product Information and number of each Product Label required
• Product range can be restricted to a Product Type - such as Sandwiches
• Creates Ingredients list sorted by Recipe Quantity - including Bulk Recipe Items
• Includes a Sell By Date calculated from current Date

    Food label showing Product, price, date produced, use by date and ingredients in quantity order.      
  Example of a typical label - Logo and address are preprinted on blank label



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Data Stored by the System

• The system automatically stores Sales, Order and Customer Information
• Information stored as data which can be used in existing or new reports.
• Designed so that data helps in trend analysis - aids Business Planning



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Standard Reports


• System contains a number of pre-defined reports
• Many reports have variants with different sequences or selections
• Reports added based on User requests
• New Reports can be added with ease if information available
• Reports include:-
....... Sales History by Customer / Product / Month / Year
....... Invoice History by Customer / Invoice Number
....... Outstanding Invoices
....... Products List with prices
....... Recipes and Methods
....... Order Forms
....... Ingredient Where Used
....... Ingredient Quantity Usage
....... Food Labels

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