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Invoicing, Costing, Margins and Price Changes in the Bakers Software Package

                      Bakery Food Processing System



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Basic Invoices

• Simple creation of once off invoices
• Uses Product information to create Invoice Item
• Pricing can be Retail, Wholesale, Statement, or a specific customer
• Priced used can be over-ridden at Invoice creation
• Facilities to record a permanent over-ride price
• Automatic Invoice Numbering

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Weekly Statement


• Used for Customers who order regularly from a specific range of Products
• Can store normal order quantity for each day
• Confirm / amend quantities at end of week
• Automatically adds Statement Value / Serial Number to Customer Open Invoice

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Invoice Printing


• Invoice printing and re-printing
• Invoice can be excluded from print run (allows further items to be added)
• Invoice locked for change on printing and added to Invoice History
• Outstanding Invoice Payments Lists
• History of Sales enables full analysis by Product, Customer, Costs, etc.


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Ingredients in Recipes

• Cost for each Recipe Item taken from Ingredient Cost
• Price factored by quantity and Unit of Measure Conversion Factors
• Prices shown for each Recipe Line and a total for the Recipe
• Mix Product Price calculated from stated yield from a Recipe

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Product Prices


• All Products include a Product Category which identifies the Margins
• Mix Product Price calculated from the Recipe Yield
• Selling Prices for calculated from Margins and Mix Product Price
• Facilities to over-ride calculated Selling Prices and record Price to Use
• Can make over-ride prices specific to a Customer
• All Invoicing will use an over-ride price if present.

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Price Changes


• Changing Ingredient or Margins triggers Price Updates on Products
• Provision for applying percentage updates to Products / Ingredients
...........Will be limited to data meeting user entered selection criteria

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Wholesale Price Lists and Delivery Notes


• Create Separate Price Lists tailored to a customers requirements
• Price lists can contain pricing which differs from standard

• Price lists can also be limited a specific range of dates

• Formatted Printed Price lists complete with your logo enhance your image

• Record Bakery Orders as they are received from a customer

• Printed Bakery Orders convert to a Delivery Note and Invoice when complete

• Delivery Invoices for a customer will use the Price List for listed items
................will use standard prices for unlisted items

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• Historical information on Sales
• Shows prices at time of Sale (ignores latest prices)
• Can show totals by month / year / Customer / Product



The system has the ability to calculate recommended selling prices based on the production costs of the ingredients. The calculated cost can subsequently be over-ridden by either a general "Cost To Use" or one which is specific to a customer (typically used for a customer who earns an extra discount due to volume or a higher cost to cover increased delivery costs).

For any Product, the system holds a number of prices divided up by reference to the market - Retail, Wholesale, Weekly Orders, etc.. Products are further sub-divided by the type of Product such as Patisseries, Savories, Sandwiches, etc..

For each Product Type and Market Sector, a margin can be defined to convert the Recipe Cost (which is a simple sum of costs of the ingredients used) into a Calculated Selling Price. The margin is intended to cover indirect costs plus an element of profit.

For all features that use a Selling Cost, the cost used is based on selecting the Product Market then checks for a "Customer Price" or "General Price To Use". If no price is found under these categories, the "Calculated Selling Price" is used. Thus the system will calculate the majority of prices with the user amending prices by exception.


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