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Products, Ingredients, Recipes and Costs in the Bakers Software Package

                      Bakery Food Processing System





      Leaping Deer bullet point WHAT ARE PRODUCTS?
Final Products including bread, rolls, sandwiches, cakes and special occassion cakes



• Anything produced by a Recipe is termed a Product
• It can be a finished item or a Bulk Recipe
• Bulk Recipes allow a common process to be defined once
.......................... but used in many recipes

Ingredients recipe size quantity bulk products
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• The Description of a Product is always unique
• Including a size in the description creates a new Product
• Data on the Finished Item held on the Product record
• The Product also is the link to other information in the system

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Examples of Product Linked Data are shown below

Baking Products Master; input data includes recipes information, ingredient costs, finished product size, margins, orders, regular repeat orders, customers, shops, shop daily demands; output data includes priced and unpriced recipes, recipe for a non-standard cake size, calculated selling price, Invoices, Reglar Reat Order Statemants, Order Forms for holday periods, order consolidation, replenishment orders, Customer and Product Sales History and assorted key reports. Data entered once but used many times. Input data handshakes with output information.




Products provide the key value to access most of the remaining information in the system.






Ingredients are the building blocks for future recipes. The data is entered once but used many times in Recipes. If the Ingredient data is subsequently edited, the change is automatically reflected into all Recipes using the ingredient.


Ingredient records include suppliers cost and a conversion factor from the suppliers unit of measure to that used in recipes.


Typical ingredients - eggs, milk flour, cheese, cherries and tomato
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Key Information


• Details recorded once for use in any recipe
• Change made to data updates all instances data used
• Provides list of possible ingredients when creating a recipe

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• Main Description is the key to ingredient - must be unique
• Alternative descriptions give user friendly names in recipes
• Allows like named items to be grouped together such as
................ Flour - Bread  ...................... Recipe = Bread Flour
................ Flour - Wholemeal ............... Recipe = Wholemeal Flour

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• Holds cost from supplier
• Supplier Cost is in the Unit of Supply such as 25kg bag
.................Simplifies checking Supplier Prices
• Unit of Measure Conversion Factor - Suppliers to Recipes
• Cost converted based on Unit of Measure Conversion Factor
• Facilities to store alternative supplier and costs

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In House Products


• Ingredient can be product of another recipe
                - creates an "In House Ingredient"
• For In House Ingredient, cost calculated by the system



Recipes define all the details required to make a Product. The components of the Recipe are selected from previously entered list of available ingredients with quantities added. Details of the method of manufacture, finished Product weight and the number of pieces that the Recipe will make are added to complete the Recipe. The finished recipe will contain costs taken from the ingredients factored up for the quantity required whilst the Ingredient Description is as held on the master Ingredient record.


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Ingredient Input

Chef reading from recipe books

• Created by selection from Ingredients master list and adding quantity
• Ingredient Quantities converted from Units of Purchase to Units of Use
• Ingredients appear in order required in recipe.
........ either enter in sequence
............ or add a sequence afterwards
• Ingredient can appear a number of times.
• Recipe can include the final product from another recipe
• Packaging and Final Decoration can be include in the recipe

  Leaping Deer bullet point

Other Data included in Recipe


• Can include a method.

    Method can be re-sequenced / later additions made

• Provision to record:-

           Product Yield (Pieces),

           Portions (in a Piece)

           Baking Details (Temperature, min / max cook time)

           Mix Weight per piece and finished baked off weight

• Automatically calculates Mix Weight and wastage.

• Record End Product Size created by standard Recipe

........ allows the Recipe to be factored up / down

   ........ enter required size to create a factored recipe

      ..... minimises wastage


• Recipe Section or Chapter

• Ownership Notice regarding Recipe

Example of a Recipe Sheet showing ingredients, baking and production details plus the method of manufacture. Logo and Company Name obtained from a user controlled master file ensuring that the ownership of the recipe is clear.

    Recipoe report in priced format and including decoration and cake board / box

Priced and Unpriced versions of recipe sheets - Decoration, Board and Box included in Priced Version


                                            Recipe report showing uppriced format
Leaping Deer bullet point



• All Recipes costed (can be hidden for production use)
• Changing an Ingredient Cost will change all Recipe Costs.
• Versions of printed Recipes can include / exclude costs
• Recipes can include / exclude ingredients such as packaging and decorations
• Total Recipe Cost automatically added to Product Information



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