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Main Features of Bakers and Caters Software Package

                      Bakery Food Processing System



The system was designed to meet the day to day problems of a working bakery supplying bread, patisseries, special occasion cakes, sandwiches and wholesale orders to local shops and restaurants. From the outset it was designed to handle costing information alongside the recipes and ingredients. It was recognised costs and margins are sensitive information but other information should be more freely available to staff; this has been achieved by providing different views of the same data each with its own password protection. The system has been designed with ease of use as a high priority.


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Original Design Brief

• Designed to meet the need of small shops.
• Created to meet the real needs of a traditional Baker
• To handle Food Preparation work with the same ease as Bakery work
• By design, will handle any Recipe based work
• Costs and Invoicing linked into main products
• Designed for data input ONCE
............................................... But used MANY TIMES

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Operation Requirements


• Menu Driven to give simple access to features
• Self checking to prevent you making expensive errors
• Costing, Orders and Recipe Control handshake together

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Will save you more in first year than the software cost by:-

      • Increasing accuracy

      • Reducing ingredient wastage

      • Awareness of Product Sales

      • Consistent Margins on Products

      • Effective Invoice Control

      • Eliminate time consuming routine tasks

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Talk to us to understand why we are so confident that doing nothing..............
will cost you money.

Start increasing your profits whilst saving time today.

Purchase and Rental Options Available



Leaping Deer bullet point Ingredient and Recipes

• Ingredients - costs and suppliers
• Recipes - costs, quantities and final sizes
• Where Used reports for Ingredients
• Changing Ingredient Details automatically updates Recipes
• Costing of recipes drives selling costs for Wholesale, Retail, etc.

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Orders and Invoicing


• Orders - including totals required by day
• Invoicing plus weekly statements for regular customers
• Tracking of settled Invoices
• History of Invoiced ordered items plus costs
• History of Customer Invoiced spend plus items ordered

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Shop Facilities


• Shop orders, sales, turnover and unsold item controls
• Food Labels including ingredients and Sell By Date
• Accumulation of orders for holiday periods

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Production Aids


• Recipe sizing to create a specific size of finished product without wastage
• Order Accumulation over a Holiday Period
   - Produces Production Summary by day and for the period
• Order Forms controlled by selections from Products

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Historical Data


• History of all sales made on Orders or Invoice
• Quantities and Value at Point of Sale recorded
• Analysis by Customer or Products


Leaping Deer bullet pointAll based around a finished saleable product



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