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Improve Computer Performance With Key Hardware and Software Changes

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A slow running computer can be a source of frustration, be far more prone to crashing, wastes your valuable time and is more likely to have data containing errors. Whilst the computer may have been adequate when new, software and its demands on the computer have increased over time. Add in the files plus registry entries left behind during the normal course of using a computer and the computer could be running at half its original speed.

A simple and very cost effective fix is to upgrade certain key components and run housekeeping utilities to remove redundant data. FITEC Consultants can transform a machine in hours. Benefit from our experience to improve the performance of your machine.


Leaping Deer bullet point   Make the best use of your current computer

          • Small changes can transform your computer.
          • Advice on cost effective hardware changes.
          • Organise data to improve performance.
          • Often far cheaper than a replacement computer.
          • Very cost effective way to speed up your work.
          • Avoid experimentation costs - use our experience.


Leaping Deer bullet point   A computer that runs slowly on your tasks

          • Increases the risk of errors
          • Is controlling you rather than you controlling the machine
          • Makes using the computer a chore rather than a pleasure


Leaping Deer bullet point   From past experience

          • We can predict the best changes to make
          • Ensure only cost effective changes are made


What to Change?

Leaping Deer bullet point   Factors to Consider on a Slow Machine

            • Is there enough memory?
            • Upgrade to a faster hard disk
                ........... Increase spin speed equals faster reading of data.
                ........... Intelligent read ahead features speed up large data loads.

            • Data not organised for speed - normally a feature of an original set up.
            • Unnecessary processes started / run by your system.
            • Redundant entries in the Registry - slows system load and running.
            • Virus or Trojans borrowing your computer resources.
            • Damage / corruption to programs for your operating system.

Many of these changes are quick and easy with the appropriate knowledge of where to look and what to change. However some of the changes can permanently damage your machine set up and data if incorrectly made. Hardware changes are not always as easy as first seem - does your computer support the new hardware and is there space to fit the component? Would you benefit from a higher specification item or would it just run at the speed of the other components?.

This is not an area for experimentation or handing over to a company you can not trust totally. FITEC Consultants have great experience in this area with many satisfied customers. Our target is to add you to our list of satisfied customers with another successful upgrade.

Leaping Deer bullet point   Far more cost effective than buying a new computer on many machines

For suitable machines, an upgrade is the most cost effective change. There is a point where a machine is beyond economic upgrading or the age / history of the computer indicates that a reliable machine would not be created by an upgrade. In these circumstances FITEC Consultants would advise against an upgrade.


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