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From the moment FITEC Consultants was formed in 1992, it had to provide computing and business facilities for itself. This focused minds on research for best value products to meet the needs of a small businesses. As a small company, the return on any investment was key to success as this had a direct effect on profits. This meant products had to be good value for money and easy to use, set up and be reliable.

Our ongoing research has enabled us to provide the best possible service to customers - both Small Businesses and Home Users. The ability to talk about the advantages of a product with authority can only come with actually using products. Our company ethos is to provide products that work for a customer which ensures they will return to us when their needs change.


FITEC Consultants is a small IT company specialising in Small Businesses and Home Users. We cover all aspects of personal Computers, user education and training, business consultancy, selection / advantages of standard software packages, design of bespoke software and small network set up. With Small Business / Home Computing covering such a diverse range of topics, our areas of expertise are supplemented with a network of experts in associated fields - in effect a one stop shop for all your computing needs.

FITEC Consultants started trading in 1992 with its principle consultant - Nicholas Peek. Initially much of the work was with large manufacturing systems, stock control and Accounting interfaces. In that same year Nicholas received the prestigious ICL Computer Users Association “Community Award” for services to users.

Alongside the ongoing system design / support / consultancy work for large customers, a growing awareness of the needs of small businesses developed - driven partly by FITEC Consultants own needs. System set in place for the business mimicked the controls in larger companies but tailored to the developing PC format. Introducing the controls showed good returns on all investment.

Over the years since 1992, the work mix has changed with increasing volumes coming from the Small Business and Home User market. All work is based on ensuring there is a good return on any investment - at times we do advise customers that there is limited or no benefit in making a change.

All our work is based on understanding a customers needs through initial consultancy. This ensures that any recommendation for change actually meets the users long term needs - often factors they have not considered emerge at this stage.

Established customers of FITEC Consultants have access to our help and advice service for all computing needs and questions. This is a free of charge benefit which ensures the best return on your investment whilst minimising any work required to fix a problem. In the long term you benefit by being more productive whilst we benefit by your follow on orders and recommendations to others.

Thus the company has always researched for best value products. With software, we located products that were easy to use, produced results without requiring long training courses and did not require a long time to set up.

We have also developed two software packages to meet the needs of small businesses

- Bakers Recipe and Invoicing System (designed to meet the needs of bakers and the food preparation industry).

- PestFriend (designed to meet the needs of the pest control industry). The core of the PestFriend software can be easily modified to meet the needs of similar service industries.


We cover all aspects of personal Computers, user education and training, business consultancy, selection / advantages of standard software packages, design of bespoke software and small network set up. Many of the products we recommend we have actually used or have experience of similar products - its what makes us different from buying from a superstore or from press advertising. Our experience in long term usage of products highlights the manufacturers and sources that provide reliable products to meet your needs.


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